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Display Custom Client Properties in Portal Grids



As a member of the implementation team, you can customize the display of the custom client properties in the portal grids.

  1. Go to Administration site > Solutions > Ops Manager > Manage Unsigned Solution Variables.
  2. For each property that you want to display in the grid, create a matching variable.
  3. Go to your custom properties workflow, and edit the activity that holds the custom client properties grid.
    Follow this convention for the control ID value: opm_<solution variable name>.  


<sq8:Label runat="server" Text="FirstName" />
<sq8:TextBox runat="server" ID="opm_FirstName" ></sq8:TextBox>
<sq:BindableControl runat="server" TargetControlID="opm_FirstName" DataField="FirstName"></sq:BindableControl>

Supported controls are Textbox, Checkbox, Combobox (text property), Datepicker, Text area, and Numeric textbox.