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Version 9.0 and Later


You deploy Cora SeQuence V9.0 applications using PowerShell.


Cora SeQuence V9.x modular architecture
Provides an overview of the Cora SeQuence V9.x modular architecture.
Important Terminology
Terminology introduced with version 9.0.
Pre-Deployment Requirements and Account Setup
Lists software and hardware requirements for Cora SeQuence 9.0, licensing activation, and account setup.
Cora SeQuence V9.x Required Roles and Features
List of roles and features required to deploy Cora SeQuence V9.X.
Database Upgrade Paths
This article provides an upgrade matrix for Cora SeQuence database and post-upgrade scripts.
Deploying Cora SeQuence Database
Describes how to set up the Cora SeQuence V9.0 database.
Installing Cora SeQuence V9.x Pre-Built Applications
Describes how to install pre-built Cora SeQuence V9.0 applications.
Building Cora SeQuence V9.x Applications
Describes how to build Cora SeQuence V9.0 customized applications.
Deploying Cora SeQuence V9.x Applications
Describes how to deploy Cora SeQuence V9.0 applications.
Cora SeQuence Custom Applications Upgrade
This article helps you to upgrade customized Cora SeQuence applications.
Deploy the SAP activity
Post-deployment procedure required for SAP integrations.
Post-Deployment Procedures
Set up the Active Directory Synchronization Service and add the Windows service user to your organization's list of employees.
Archive Database Structure
This article explains the archive database structure.