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Create a New Page Using React


User interfaces created with React do not have "pages". What we see in the browser are React components mapped to routes. Route is a configuration that tells React to render specific components while the navigation URL equals to the route key in the configuration. 

To create what we would traditionally call a “custom page,” you need to create a new component, register it to routes, and then export it to the main portal application. 

The location of the “custom page” component is /src/app/modules/xxxxxx/index.tsx.
xxxxxx is the custom page name without spaces or any special characters.
index.tsx is the file with component’s code.


Routes registration

You register the new component at /src/appConfig.js, under the routing section.

Component export

You configure the component export in the config file located at /src/exported-modules.js.


Description automatically generated

Custom component creation example

  1. Create a new folder at /src/app/modules/my-new-page
  2. Create an index.tsx file at /src/app/modules/my-new-page 
  3. Add the React component code to the index file at /src/app/modules/my-new-page/index.tsx 
  4. Register the new component in the Routes configuration.
  5. Export the component to main portal application.

New React component

Line 1: Component name. The component name must be unique across main objects and template projects.

Line 3: Component render section. Mandatory code

Line 4-10: All the components markup in JSX format.

Line 9: Render external page. Required for legacy portal APSX content.

Line 14: Export component. Mandatory line

Routes configuration

Line 6: Added new route /my-new-page to the MyNewPage component.

The routing key must be unique across main objects and template projects.

Export component

A screenshot of a computer 
Description automatically generated with medium confidenceLine 7: Added export to the MyNewPage component to portal main application.

Note the export naming convention. It is mandatory and can’t change.