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Create a Multilingual Form

Follow this procedure to include more than one language in a single form.

  1. Using Visual Studio, create a resource file for the language that you want to create the form.
    Example: MyResourceFile.resx
  2. Add values to the resource file.
    • The key is the value used in the form's markup.
    • The value is the display value in runtime (Flowtime).
  3. Translate the resource file to your language, and save it with the corresponding extension.
    Example: For Portuguese:
  4. Copy the resource files to the application's App_GlobalResources directory.
    The App_GlobalResources directory is located in the application root directory. Create a directory, if the directory does not exist. For example, in the default Flowtime installation, the path is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Workflow Runtime\App_GlobalResources.
  5. In a form, use the keys in an expression.
    Example: sq8:Label runat="server" Text="%$ Resources: MyResourceFile, LabelText %" /