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Create Client Properties View

In Cora OpsManager V3.0 and above, to create client properties view, you need to create a workflow with a form activity. In the form activity, create views and a UACT table per each client properties view. 

For each client property, create a view and a read-only view with the following names: 

  • View: refers to the name of the edit view.
  • ViewRO (no space!): refers to the name of the read-only view.

In the RO view, paste the following lines:

<sq8:DataSource runat="server" ID="CustomViewsDataSource" QueryName="CustomViews" Where="fldMasterIWfId == @fldMasterIWfId">
<sq:ExpressionParameter Expression='TryElse(wf.MasterWorkflowInstanceId,  ToInt64(rt.HttpRequest["CaseId"]))' Name="fldMasterIWfId"></sq:ExpressionParameter>

Go to Application Variables, and edit CoraOpsManager.ClientPropertiesDetails. Set the path of the view in the following format: 

<WF Name>/<Activity of Views Name>

To be able to copy the fields values from manual case creation to the main case, you need to update the master workflow in the UACT view. 

To do so:

  1. On Admin console, go to Workflows > All Workflows.
  2. Duplicate the ICM Copy Custom Data Example workflow.
  3. Duplicate the stored procedure that is displayed in the Copy Data activity.
  4. Add a section per each UACT that you have created. Each view should have its own UACT.
  5. Go to Lookup Tables > ICM Data Model > PlatformConfig, and in ICM Copy Custom Data Example workflow ID paste your duplicated workflow ID.