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Master Workflow Object (mwf)


Use the mwf object to retrieve values from a master workflow with a simple expression. With the mwf object, you can access master workflow metadata and activity metadata, which you can do from any workflow in a master workflow. All returned values are of the type object, unless you use casting to convert them to an appropriate type. This is necessary in cases such as an IfElse condition.

mwf Object Examples

  • mwf.UpdatedAt
  • mwf.ActivityScope("Start")
  • wf.Variables[''scmCaseImportance"]=ToBoolean(mwf.Variables["scmCaseImportance"]) - This is a casting example, where mwf is used in an IfElse condition that compares a value between the current workflow and the master workflow. Note that ToBoolean casting is required for the condition to parse properly.

Use the mwf Object in a Form

<div class="sqf-layout-row sqf-section">
  <div class="sqf-section-body sqf-container">
    <div class="sqf-row">
    <div class="sqf-col-xs-12 sqf-control-group-v">
      <sq8:Label runat="server" Text="<%$ sq:{ mwf.WorkflowName } %> />
      <sq8:TextBox runat="server" ID="TextBox1" />