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Cora SeQuence predefined configurations

V9.6 and later

The predefined configurations come packaged with the Cora SeQuence applications as part of the deployment. 

Standard configurations

Configuration nameValid for
AddFilesStorageConnectionAll applications
AzureKeyVaultAll applications
DefaultFilesStorageConnectionAll applications
EnableLoggingAll applications
FormsAuthenticationAdministration and Flowtime
HTTPAll sites
HTTPSAll sites
MachineKeyAll sites
OpenIDConnectAdministration and Flowtime
QuickSearchFlowtime (Premium only)
SAMLAdministration and Flowtime
Windows AuthenticationAll sites


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_StorageConnectionNameA name for the storage connectionAny string, except CoraSeQuence.Default
SEQ_StorageConnectionTypeThe type of connection
  • AzureFileStorage
  • AzureBlobStorage
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • NetworkStorage
SEQ_StorageRelativePathThe relative path-
SEQ_StorageConnectionConnection details-


Token DescriptionExpected value


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_IsCORSEnabledDefines whether CORS is enabled
  • True
  • False


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_DefaultStorageNameThe default storage connection name from the list of available configurationsA valid connection name that has been defined as a file storage connection or CoraSeQuence.Default for using the main database for file storage.


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_LogSourceNameThe Cora SeQuence log source to enablesequence.runtime,, (JES only)
SEQ_LogSwitchNameThe Cora SeQuence log source switch to enablesequence.runtime.switch,, (JES only)
SEQ_ApplicationTypeThe Cora SeQuence application typeAdministration, ADSS, BRS, Flowtime, JES, WebAPI
SEQ_TraceDirectoryThe path to store the logsThe valid local path where the application user writes permissions


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_ApplicationA name to represent the application. The name does not have to match the application type and is used for cookie configuration only.

You need to add a different value for each instance of a site on the same machine. 
Any string


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_MachineKeyDecryptionThe machine key decryption methodAES, 3DES, DES
SEQ_MachineKeyDecryptionKeyThe machine key decryption keyPer IIS allowed values
SEQ_MachineKeyValidationThe machine key validation methodAES, MD5, SHA1, 3DES, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA512
SEQ_MachineKeyValidationKeyThe machine key validation keyPer IIS allowed values


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_OriginalIssuerThe claims token issuerAny string
SEQ_DiscoveryKindThe method for Cora SeQuence to obtain the public certificateOpenIdDiscoveryDocument, JsonWebKeySet, Federation, Store
SEQ_AuthorityThe OAuth token endpoint-
SEQ_DiscoveryUriOpenIDConnect server discovery URI-


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_OriginalIssuerThe claims token issuerAny string
SEQ_DiscoveryUriOpenIDConnect server discovery URI-
SEQ_ClientIdThe ID of the application on your IDP-
SEQ_ClientSecretThe secret used to access the application on your IDP-


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_QuickSearchEnabledDefines whether the QuickSearch is enabled
  • True
  • False
SEQ_QuickSearchPageSizeReturns the page size
  • Positive number
  • 0


Token DescriptionExpected value
SEQ_OriginalIssuerThe claims token issuerAny string
SEQ_AudienceUriThe base URL of the Cora SeQuence site-
SEQ_SingleSignOnServiceUrlThe single sign-on URL of the identity provider-
SEQ_SingleLogoutServiceUrlThe single logout URL of the identity provider-


No tokens are required.