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Pre-Deployment Requirements and Account Setup


Software requirements 

Required software for building and deploying Cora SeQuence applications.

DatabaseSQL Server 2016 SP1 (Enterprise or Standard editions) and later
Target server*Operating system: Windows Server 2016 and later
Additional software:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 (V9.5 and earlier)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (V9.6)
  • Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 2017
Building machine**Operating system: Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and later
Additional software: 
  • Visual Studio 2017 Professional Edition and later

* Target server: server where you deploy the Cora SeQuence V9.x application.

** Building machine: computer where you build the applications and package them for deployment.

Minimum hardware requirements

Following are the minimum hardware requirements for a basic Cora SeQuence configuration. The actual configuration should take into consideration the implementation's expected volume and performance requirements.

Development environment

  • Single-server deployment: all Cora SeQuence components are deployed on the same server.
Server type RAMCPUStorageCount
Windows server82100 GB1
SQL server*1641000 GB1

Production environment

  • Two back-end servers: Administration site, ADSS, BRS, JES
  • Two front-end servers: Flowtime site, WebAPI site
  • Load balancing: Each pair is coupled by a load balancer
Server typeRAMCPUStorageCount
Windows server84100 GB4
SQL server*3242000 GB1

* For both environments, the SQL server can be replaced by Azure SQL Managed Instance. 


For information on how to activate your license, see Activate your Cora SeQuence licensein this article.

Required accounts

For a successful deployment, you need to set up the following accounts.

AccountDescriptionAccount TypeRequirements
Deployment AccountUsed to deploy Cora SeQuence applications.A domain user account or Local Account
  • Member of the Local Administrations group on each server where application are deployed.
Application Pool Identity AccountUsed to run Cora SeQuence Administration site and the Flowtime website.A domain user account or Local Account
  • Must have permission to run WMI query.
  • Must be part of the IIS_IUSRS group.
Cora SeQuence Database AccountSQL Server account that is used to create the Cora SeQuence database, and used by the application to communicate with the database server.SQL account
  • During the database creation, this user needs to be a member of the dbcreator server role.
  • Server role: Public
  • Database roles: 
    • On the master database: Public
    • On the Cora SeQuence database,  db_owner 
Cora SeQuence Windows Services AccountUsed to run the Background Runtime Windows Service, Job Execution Service, and optionally, the Active Directory Synchronization Windows service.A domain user account or Local Account
  • User Rights Assignment: Log on as a service.
  • Each service may require additional permissions depending on the configuration of the service. 
  • The user running BRS and JES must be a valid Cora SeQuence user.

Best practice
Use the same account to run the Background Runtime Service (BRS) and Job Execution Service applications.