Genpact Cora Knowledge Center


Analytics Overview

v8.3 and later


The analytics feature provides developers and administrators visual insight into the solutions they build.

  • How the solution optimizes business processes
  • The solution's ROI
  • Easy to identify areas for improvement
  • Visual KPI

Managing Analytics

You manage analytics from several places.

Administrator Console

  • To access the analytics feature, navigate to Administration > Analytics > Dashboard Suites.
  • View available dashboard suites in the Dashboard Suites grid.
  • To create a new dashboard suite, click the Add Dashboard Suite button.
  • To import a dashboard suite, click the Import Dashboard Suite button.

Dashboard Suite Canvas

  • To access the dashboard suite canvas, from the Administrator console, create a new dashboard suite, or edit an existing dashboard suite.
  • Define the data model.
  • Create and customize dashboards.
  • Define and create KPIs.
  • Set dashboard suite permissions.
  • Preview the dashboard suite.


  • View the dashboard suite in the runtime environment.