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Create a Custom BRS Thread

To create a custom BRS extension, you create a class that inherits from IBackgroundRuntimeServiceExecutable,IDisposable, and include one public execute method (public voice Execute()).

The execute method is invoked according to the interval you specify in the config file.

Add a reference to the PNMsoft.Sequence.WindowsServices DLL, and the following using statement:

using PNMsoft.Sequence.WindowsServices.BRS.Customization

 You must add the DLL to the GAC, and reference it in the customAssemblies section of the BRS config file, for example:



<add type="CustomAssemblyNamespace.CustomAssemblyClass, CustomAssemblyName, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=602b6cd67576ca81" interval="40000" />



You need to restart the BRS.