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Cora Underwriting Manager V2.0 Release Message

Given the advancements in technology, the Insurance industry is witnessing large scale transformation at its core – the Underwriting Function. While there are multiple technology products and tool sets to address Policy Lifecycle processes, there is an urgent need to address the gap within Underwriting.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Genpact Cora Underwriting Manager (UWM) V2 aimed at transforming the overall Underwriting function. By using UWM V2, insurers can transform processes with:

  • Touchless operations for Underwriters
  • An intuitive user interface aimed at simplifying the overall work management
  • Industry standard baseline workflows that help in reimagining their own processes

Watch this video for a business overview of the Underwriting Manager solution. 

Submission intake and automated clearance

This release of UWM V2 focuses on the following modules: (a) Intake and Clearance (b) Case Management (c) Reporting and (d) Administration. In addition to leveraging the out of the box functionalities, insurers can easily customize any process nuances or functionality variances to adapt to their individual needs.

Cloud and SaaS

The application is supported both on Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud instances and is amenable to SaaS pricing and delivery models.

What’s coming next?

The next releases of UWM will primarily focus on the following key modules and integrations:

  • Integration with Acord Transcriber: out-of-the-box support for automatic extraction and integration with Acord forms
  • Pricing and referrals: support for pricing and underwriting referral related tasks