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Download Activity


Import files from an external target system to Cora SeQuence. A file download has its own data model, to which the file is saved. With the Download Activity, you can download a single file or multiple files. The Download Activity does not support zipping or unzipping files. The files are stored in Cora SeQuence as attachments.

Use Cases

  • Download a file to Cora SeQuence that is stored on on external system.
  • Use the downloaded file as an attachment in any other process.

Wizard Tips

  • The Root is created when you define the FTP/SFTP connection.
  • The Folder is the path where the file you want to download is located.
  • The File Pattern defines the files you are downloading. You can define two file pattern types.
    • Specific file, for example, TestFile.txt.
    • File extension, for example, *.csv.
  • When you select the Delete file after download check box, imports and then deletes the file from the source system (where you downloaded the file).