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Enable Push Next in Cora OpsManager

This article explains enabling push next through Admin console.
However, there is an easier way to use this feature, through General Settings under Ops Manager Admin on Flowtime. For details, see the Modify General Settings in Cora OpsManager article.

The out-of-the-box push next functionality in Cora OpsManager enables auto-assigning of cases from the unassigned queue to the team members. Once a team member completes processing of a case, other case is assigned to him automatically through push next.

A newly created case is auto assigned to the user (associate role) with no workable cases at present in his queue.

If no associate is free, the system moves the case to the unassigned list.

When an associate completes working on a case, the system pushes the next case based on the following logic. The system sorts and prioritize the cases (, which are assigned to the associate and are in workable status,) by the target date, and pushes the first case.

In case, there are no cases assigned to an associate then the system applies the same logic on cases assigned to the entire group. If there are no cases assigned to the group, the system applies the same logic on cases in the Unassigned list.

For assigning cases to SMEs and QAs, the system decides to push the cases based on the same logic, but only with status “with SME” and “With QA” respectively.

In any other scenario, the system displays a message, “No new cases to get”.

Statuses considered workable 

  • Ready for processing
  • Internal request – response received
  • Approval request – approved
  • Approval request – rejected
  • Indexing required
  • Indexing response received
  • Audit correction
  • Approval cycle rejected

Actions that trigger push next

  • Send email
  • On hold
  • Close
  • Reject
  • Pending closure
  • New request
  • Send to team leader
  • Send to SME
  • QA passed
  • QA failed
  • SME return to processor
  • SME return to team
  • Send approval email

Enable OOTB push next

  1. On Administration console, go to Administration > Lookup tables > ICM Data Model > PlatformConfig.
  2. Edit the row.
  3. Select PushNextEnabled check box.
  4. Select If Indexing Auto Assign Fails move to unassigned check box.
  5. Select If Processing Auto Assign Fails move to unassigned check box.
  6. Paste ‘02d30f55-1394-40ef-8fd2-1a94ca04be2d‘ in the following fields:
  • Auto Assign Indexing Workspace Id
  • Auto Assign Processing Workspace Id