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Integration Activities


Database Listener Activity Overview
When you use the Database Listener Activity in a dynamic workflow, the activity causes the workflow to wait for a specified value to update in the field of a database table. When this field is update
 Email Listener Activity Overview
Use the Email Listener Activity to listen to an email inbox and start or resume a dynamic workflow when a new email arrives to the inbox. You can then use the email object in other workflow stages.
Create an Email Template
The email template is an HTML-based message that enables you to create reusable, dynamic messages. The template can include free text as well as message parameters. You select an email template and d
External Service Consumer Activity overview
Use the External Service Consumer Activity to invoke an assembly method contained in the DLL file. This DLL file resides in the Sequence server's GAC.
HTTP Consumer Activity Overview
Use the HTTP Consumer Activity to consume any publicly exposed HTTP endpoint. Generally, the activity consumes and API endpoint, but it is not limited to these endpoints.
In-Process Consumer Activity Overview
Use the In-Process Consumer Activity to consume a Web service listener from another workflow, which enables you to pass complex objects between workflows.
REST Consumer Activity Overview
Use the REST Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a RESTful Web service. Your workflow can then interact with this method and its data.
Email Activity Overview
Use the Email Activity to send an email as either an internal Sequence mail, or to external email addresses as part of a workflow. This activity supports including CC and BCC recipients.
SharePoint Listener Activity Overview
Use the SharePoint Listener Activity to listen for changes in a SharePoint list, either to kick off a new workflow instance, or to continue an existing workflow.
Built-in Command Listener Activity Overview
This article explains the Built-in Command Listener activity used for conversation items event handling.
WCF Consumer Activity Overview
Use the WCF Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
Web Service Consumer Activity Overview
Use the Web Service Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a Web service.
Web Service Fault Activity Overview
Use the Web Service Fault Activity to define an error message that displays if a Web Service activity fails.
Web Service Input Activity Overview
Use the Web Service Input Activity to select a Web service and method that you want to listen to in a dynamic workflow.
Web Service Listener Activity Overview
Use the Web Service Listener Activity to create and expose a Web Service and kickoff or resume a workflow when the Web Service is invoked by an external application.
Web Service Output Activity Overview
Use the Web Service Output Activity to define bindings between a Web service that was defined in a Web Service Input Activity and Sequence workflow data fields.
Use WCF Consumer and REST Consumer with Kerberos
You can use Kerberos authentication in a WCF Consumer Activity or REST Conusmer Activity.
Use a WCF Consumer to Communicate with Oracle EBS
Use this markup to enable Sequence to communicate with Oracle EBS using a WCF consumer.
Service Bus Listener activity
Azure Service bus activity provides a powerful messaging mechanism to integrate your workflow with other applications or services.
Service Bus Consumer activity
Configure the Service Bus Consumer activity.
Azure Service Bus Connections
Starting with Cora SeQuence V8.8.4, you can define the Azure Service Bus connectivity type and transport type.
Configuring Kafka Producers and Subscribers
Configure a messaging mechanism using Apache Kafka service.
Kafka Cluster Minimum Requirements
Minimum requirements to integrate Apache Kafka with Cora SeQuence.
Setting Up the HTTP Service
Setting Up an HTTP Listener.
 Configuring HTTP Service Activities
How to configure REST activities?
HTTP Service Example
HTTP Service Example
REST API XSRF Authentication
REST API XSRF Authentication
Reusing Cookies in HTTP Consumers
Share a session and reuse the session cookie container between two activities.
 Configure Integrating Messaging Mechanism
Configure Integrating messaging mechanism
Represent Nested Data in JSON Format Sample
This sample demonstrates how to represent nested data in JSON format.