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Orchestration Services Overview


Orchestration Services is part of the Cora Orchestration offering.

The Orchestration Services module provides orchestration capabilities across solutions. Built on open-source tools and packaged with the latest technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, Orchestration Services is a light-weight platform that targets the services that don't require human intervention. The Orchestration Services module provides a common platform to run the reusable components from the Composable Services ecosystem in integration with other Genpact services such as extraction, matching, and reconciliation. 

Orchestration Services support two databases, Microsoft SQL server and PostgreSQL services. This feature gives you the flexibility to choose a database that is more cost effective for your solution and reduces deployment and maintenance costs. You can use Orchestration Services with the open-source cloud-based PostgreSQL database service outside of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Orchestration Services support a flexible code infrastructure that can run on any cloud environment, on Windows or Linux operating systems.

With support for technologies like Kubernetes and dockers, you can host the Composable Services ecosystem on Azure or AWS, and run it on a licensed Windows operating system or an open-source Linux operating system. The automated deployment with no manual intervention reduces deployment cost, increases reliability, and enables quicker and simpler procedures.

Tech stack

Operating System
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MS SQL server
  • PostgreSQL service
Code framework
  • .NET5
  • Kubernetes
  • AmazonEKS
  • Azure Kubernetes Services AKS