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Use PostgreSQL database


Cora Orchestration supports multiple databases, at present Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL. MS SQL is the default database supported with Cora Orchestration. However, you may choose to use open-source PostgreSQL. 

Before you begin

Before you deploy the database, make sure that:

Setup a connection to PostgreSQL database

To connect Cora Orchestration to the PostgreSQL server you need to run a few PowerShell functions:

  1. Run Set-CoraSeQuenceApplicationConfiguration function with -ConfigurationName parameter set to PostgresSettings. You can set other parameters as per need.

  2. Run Set-CoraSequenceConnectionStringPostgres function to set connection string.

  3. Run Set-CoraSeQuenceApplicationConfiguration function to set the ServiceBroker parameter. You may set the service broker as ActiveMQ or any other of your choice.