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  1. Define a Connection to an External Storage System

    Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to . V9.7.1 and later Overview For most File Activities, you need to define a connection to an external storage system. Depending on the activity, you will save a file, retrieve a file, dele...
  2. Add Tabs to Form

    V10.4 Overview Displaying data in tabs in a form makes it easier for you to manage content for large implementations and display large content in an organized format. With all the view content displayed in tabs in a form, you can hav...
  3. Configure File Writer Activity with OAuth

    This article explains how to configure the File Writer activity with OAuth.
  4. SharePoint Activities Overview

    Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to . v10.x and later Use SharePoint activities in dynamic workflows to execute common operations on SharePoint lists, such as check in or check out documents, create or update list items, and...
  5. Add GenAI Capabilities

    This article helps you add GenAI capabilities to Cora Case Manager.
  6. Customize QC Task

    This article provides information on customizing the QC tasks.
  7. Create New Email Template

    This articles explains the procedure to create a new email template.
  8. Add Configuration Set Properties

    This article explains about adding configuration set properties.
  9. Cora Case Manager 4.1 Release Notes

    Cora Case Manager 4.1 Release Notes
  10. Lock Workflow Instance Execution

    V10.1 and later Overview By default, a workflow instance is locked  during its execution to block concurrent execution of workflow instances, and prevent data discrepancy. While the workflow instance is locked, no other application or user ...