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New Articles

  1. PowerShell modules versions mapping with Cora SeQuence versions

    This article briefs about PowerShell modules versions mapping with Cora SeQuence versions.
  2. User Role Permissions and Best Practices

    Ensure that only authorized users can access certain processes and have permissions to perform specific activities.
  3. Working with Unsigned Solution Variables

    This article briefs about working with unsigned solution variables.
  4. PowerShell Function: Disable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogs

    Parameters of the Disable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogs PowerShell function.
  5. PowerShell Function: Disable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogs

    Parameters of the Disable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogs PowerShell function.
  6. PowerShell Function: Enable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogs

    Parameters of the Enable-CoraSeQuenceRuntimeLogs PowerShell function.
  7. PowerShell Function: Enable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogs

    Parameters of the Enable-CoraSeQuenceJobsLogs PowerShell function.
  8. Configure Text Classification Activity

    This article helps you configure Text Classification activity.
  9. Localize Conversation Types

    This article helps localize a conversation type.
  10. Job Execution Service (JES) Overview

    Overview of the Job Execution Service (JES) and list the jobs it executes.