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Updated Articles

  1.  Configure the Text Classification Activity

    Configure the Text Classification activity.
  2.  Email Listener Activity Overview

    Use the Email Listener Activity to listen to an email inbox and start or resume a dynamic workflow when a new email arrives to the inbox. You can then use the email object in other workflow stages.
  3.  Add UI Rules to a Form

    This article helps you add UI rules to a form view.
  4.  Configuring HTTP Service Activities

    How to configure REST activities?
  5. REST Consumer Activity Overview

    Use the REST Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a RESTful Web service. Your workflow can then interact with this method and its data.
  6.  Reusable Solution Components

    Watch a video that demonstrations how to configure the reusable solution components: Email Composer, Conversations View, and Attachments View.
  7. Web Service Output Activity Overview

    Use the Web Service Output Activity to define bindings between a Web service that was defined in a Web Service Input Activity and Sequence workflow data fields.
  8. Web Service Input Activity Overview

    Use the Web Service Input Activity to select a Web service and method that you want to listen to in a dynamic workflow.
  9. Built-in Command Activity Overview

    Use the Built-in Command Activity to execute various actions in the workflow.
  10. In-Process Consumer Activity Overview

    Use the In-Process Consumer Activity to consume a Web service listener from another workflow, which enables you to pass complex objects between workflows.