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Updated Articles

  1. Mask Overview

    When you can define a stored procedure or service query, you can define a mask for each parameter that passes between Cora SeQuence and the stored procedure or service query.
  2. ComboBox Control Overview

    The ComboBox control is a drop-down menu that you can add to a form. You can manually configure the ComboBox values, or you can connect the ComboBox to a data source, which populates the menu with items from the data source. The ComboBox can be stat...
  3. Grid Control Overview

    The Grid control is an advanced control based on the Telerik Grid control, and exposes various features, such as paging, sorting, grouping, and others that use menu click.
  4. Cora SeQuence Maintenance and Troubleshooting

    Recorded webinar that provides an overview of how to troubleshoot Cora SeQuence issues, and includes tips to improve system performance.
  5. Built-in Command Activity Overview

    Use the Built-in Command Activity to execute various actions in the workflow.
  6. Cora SeQuence 9.2 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence V9.2 introduces the following features and improvements: ability to dynamically expose REST services as an integral part of your workflows, expanded integration capability with Apache Kafka, Hot Operations case search, the choice to store and migrate binary files outside of the Cora SeQuence database, create a PDF that includes data from web forms. Usability features and improvements include the ability to personalize grid display and save the view for future use.
  7. Cumulative List of Breaking Changes

    Cumulative list of breaking changes starting with Cora SeQuence V8.1.
  8. Set Up External Storage Location for Attachment Files

    Set up external file storage for files upload by Flowtime users via web forms and emails.
  9. Create Custom Conversation Type

    This article helps you create and configure the custom conversation type in Cora SeQuence Solution.
  10. Configure Active Directory Synchronization Service

    Learn how to import users from AD to Cora SeQuence. ADSS only imports information from AD, and does not write to it.