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Updated Articles

  1. PowerShell Function: Get-CoraSeQuenceServiceGUID

    Parameters of the Get-CoraSeQuenceServiceGUID PowerShell function.
  2. PowerShell Function: Set-CoraSeQuenceSiteWCFConfiguration

    Parameters of the Set-CoraSeQuenceSiteWCFConfiguration PowerShell function.
  3. PowerShell Function: Set-CoraSeQuenceSiteSecurityConfiguration

    Parameters of the Set-CoraSeQuenceSiteSecurityConfiguration PowerShell function.
  4. Create Comment Conversation Type

    This article briefs about the Comment conversation type available in Cora SeQuence.
  5. Setting HTTPS Site Bindings

    PowerShell sample script that configures the Cora SeQuence site to use the HTTPS protocol.
  6. PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence.Sites

    List of functions included in the CoraSeQuence.Sites PowerShell module.
  7. Cora SeQuence 9.4.3 Release Notes

    This update includes enhancements to the Email Composer component and a PowerShell function.
  8. Cora SeQuence Version Lifecycle

    Describes Cora SeQuence version lifecycle to help you make informed decisions on when to update or upgrade.
  9. Post-Deployment Procedures

    Set up the Active Directory Synchronization Service and add the Windows service user to your organization's list of employees.
  10. View Notifications

    This article explains about viewing reminder and automatic alert notifications.