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What is Cora SeQuence?

Cora SeQuence is an intelligent Business Process Management suite (iBPMS)  that enables organizations to automate and control their business workflows. Cora SeQuence provides superior control over rapid workflow changes, using unique HotChange® technology. Cora SeQuence is recognized as an iBPMS (Intelligent BPM Suite) by Gartner – the only pure Microsoft technology-based BPMS in this category.

Cora SeQuence is a web-based, enterprise-level software solution (SaaS and PaaS), designed for mid-size businesses, and is easily scalable for organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees.

Cora SeQuence enables organizations to:

  • Design automated, human-centric workflows to replace manual procedures.
  • Run processes in a collaborative end-user interface.
  • Provide data visibility, and establish management control over processes.
  • Continuously optimize and improve processes.
  • Manage multiple versions of processes in a constantly evolving business environment.
  • Access processes from any device.
  • Integrate intelligent workflows with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.