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  1. Database Structure

    This is an overview of the Cora SeQuence database for reporting purposes. This information focuses on the major tables and fields, it is not exhaustive.
  2. Cora SeQuence Toolkit

    This application helps with common tasks required for product installation and configuration. You need to run the toolkit on a machine where Cora SeQuence is installed.
  3. Cora SeQuence 8.3 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence8.3 facilitates broader integration capabilities, brand new analytics and dashboards to manage and gain insight into your environment, and role-based workflow security assignment
  4. What is Cora SeQuence?

    Cora SeQuence is an intelligent Business Process Management suite (iBPMS) that enables organizations to automate and control their business workflows.
  5.  Email Listener Activity Overview

    Use the Email Listener Activity to listen to an email inbox and start or resume a dynamic workflow when a new email arrives to the inbox. You can then use the email object in other workflow stages.
  6. Cannot Insert Duplicate Key Row in Object 'dbo.tblEmployees'

    You cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.tblEmployees with the unique index IX_tblEmployees_fldEmpUserName_fldGroup.
  7. Activate Your Cora SeQuence License

    Learn how to activate a new or updated Cora SeQuence license.
  8. Log Workflow Execution in SVCLOG Trace Files

    You can log workflow execution in SVCLOG trace files for diagnostic and debugging purposes. This logging feature is enabled for each execution engine, from its respective configuration file.
  9. Managing Workflow Security Roles

    Developers can assign users and groups to workflow security roles to control access and visibility to workflow steps, based on the principle of segregation of duties.
  10. Cora SeQuence 8.4 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 8.4 introduces a brand new Flowtime portal that delivers an enhanced and streamlined user experience, extends integration with external storage and emerging technologies like RP