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  1. Configure Background Runtime Service (BRS)

    Learn how to configure BRS for your Cora SeQuence environment.
  2. Configure the Flowtime Website

    You can customize the pages to comply with your organization's branding policies, add or edit existing pages, set up functionality that fit existing processes, and configure new menus and submenus.
  3. Cora SeQuence 8.4 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 8.4 introduces a brand new Flowtime portal that delivers an enhanced and streamlined user experience, extends integration with external storage and emerging technologies like RP
  4. Configure Cora SeQuence Single Sign-on for Use with Azure Active Directory

    To authenticate users in Cora SeQuence using your Azure Active Directory, you need to modify the web.config file for each Cora SeQuence component, and IIS.
  5. Configure Claims-Based Authentication

    To authenticate users in Cora SeQuence using using claims-based authentication, you need to modify the web.config file for each Cora SeQuence site.
  6. Working with Variables

    Variables are a powerful feature that enable you​​​​​ to easily expose data to end users, and manage dynamic flow using gateway conditions. There are two types of variables, global and loca
  7. Defining Controls

    Learn how to create, implement, and manipulate controls in Cora SeQuence forms.
  8. Cora SeQuence 8.6 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 8.6 introduces additional cloud-based cognitive interfaces, better support for OAuth authentication, a new business monitor dashboard, dashboard filter functionality, and a new administration look and feel.
  9. Grid Control Overview

    The Grid control is an advanced control based on the Telerik Grid control, and exposes various features, such as paging, sorting, grouping, and others that use menu click.
  10. Analytics Overview

    The Analytics feature provide developers and administrators visual insight into the solutions they build.