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Updated Articles

  1.  Set Up the Development Environment for Portal Customization

    Preparing the development environment for customizing the portal.
  2. Cora Underwriting Manager Deployment

    To deploy the Underwriting Manager product, download the release package here , and then deploy the Underwriting Manager package. Prerequisite There are six pre-built application deployment packages available, depending on the type of appli...
  3. Cora SeQuence Version Lifecycle

    Describes Cora SeQuence version lifecycle to help you make informed decisions on when to update or upgrade.
  4. Configure Secret Management Support

    Configure Secret Management Support
  5. Database Structure

    This is an overview of the Cora SeQuence database for reporting purposes. This information focuses on the major tables and fields, it is not exhaustive.
  6. Cora SeQuence Authentication Methods

    List of authentication protocols and methods supported by Cora SeQuence.
  7. Post-Deployment Procedures

    Set up the Active Directory Synchronization Service and add the Windows service user to your organization's list of employees.
  8. Archive Overview

    Overview of the V9.9 archive feature
  9. Configure Archive

    This article describes how to configure the archive feature.
  10. Customization Concepts

    V10.x portal customization concepts