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Updated Articles

  1. Cora Orchestration Portal Overview

    Overview of the Cora Orchestration V10 portal's main functionality (BETA).
  2. Cumulative List of Breaking Changes

    Cumulative list of breaking changes starting with Cora SeQuence V8.1.
  3. Cora SeQuence 9.8.4 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 9.8.4 Release Notes
  4. Cora SeQuence Support Matrix

    Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to . V10. x Minimum screen resolution Component 10.x Administration site 1366 × 786 Cloud services 10.x Amazon RDS for SQL Elasticsearch SAAS 7.9. x...
  5. Cora SeQuence Support Matrix

    Check which operating systems, web browsers, and other systems are supported in each Cora SeQuence version.
  6. Map PowerShell Modules Versions to Cora SeQuence Versions

    This article provides a map between PowerShell modules versions and Cora SeQuence versions.
  7. PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence.Services

    List of functions included in the CoraSeQuence.Services PowerShell module.
  8. PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence.Database

    List of functions included in the CoraSeQuence.Database PowerShell module.
  9. PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence.Sites

    List of functions included in the CoraSeQuence.Sites PowerShell module.
  10. PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence

    List of functions included in the CoraSeQuence PowerShell module.