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Updated Articles

  1. File Writer Activity Overview

    Use the File Writer Activity to create a file, write (edit) to the file, and save the file to the Cora Sequence database as part of a workflow.
  2. Conversations View

    This article gives you an overview of the Conversations View reusable component and helps you configure the same for Email Conversation Types in Cora SeQuence solutions.
  3.  Working with CI/CD Pipelines

    How to work with Azure CI/CD pipelines for Cora Orchestration projects.
  4. Cora SeQuence Database Upgrade Paths

    This article provides an upgrade matrix for Cora SeQuence database and post-upgrade scripts.
  5. Cora SeQuence 9.9.2 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 9.9.2 Release Notes
  6. Cora SeQuence Version Lifecycle

    Describes Cora SeQuence version lifecycle to help you make informed decisions on when to update or upgrade.
  7. Product Version Lifecycle

    This article provides information about the product version lifecycle.
  8. PowerShell Function: Set-CoraSeQuenceConnectionString

    Parameters of the Set-CoraSeQuenceConnectionString PowerShell function.
  9. Map PowerShell Modules Versions to Product Versions

    This article provides a map between PowerShell modules versions and Cora SeQuence versions.
  10. ScriptBlock Control Overview

    The ScriptBlock Control enables you to control where, and how, JavaScript renders on a form. The control includes several properties that might affect the rendering.