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Updated Articles

  1. Cora SeQuence 9.6.2 Release Notes

    Cora SeQuence 9.6.2 Release Notes
  2. Conversations View

    This article gives you an overview of the Conversations View reusable component and helps you configure the same for Email Conversation Types in Cora SeQuence solutions.
  3. Cora OpsManager 3.3.2 Release Notes

    Cora OpsManager Release Notes 3.3.2
  4. Cora SeQuence Session Configuration

    Describes how to configure the Cora SeQuence session, which is used for user authentication purposes instead of the ASP.NET session state.
  5. Manage Personal Data

    Managing personal and sensitive data in Cora SeQuence.
  6. System Migration Readiness

    Prepare your Cora SeQuence system for migration to V9.x.
  7. Post-Migration Procedures and Considerations

    Run post-migration scripts
  8. Migrating from Previous Versions to Cora SeQuence V9.x

    Required procedures to migrate from previous versions to V9.x releases.
  9. Cora SeQuence Database Upgrade Paths

    This article provides an upgrade matrix for Cora SeQuence database and post-upgrade scripts.
  10. PowerShell Function: Add-CoraSeQuenceFilesStorageConfiguration

    Parameters of the Add-CoraSeQuenceFilesStorageProvider function.