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  1. Define a Connection to an External Storage System

    Most File Activities require you to define a connection to the external storage system that you are saving a file to, retrieving or deleting a file from, or creating a folder in.
  2. Define a Connection to an External Storage System

    Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to . V9.7.1 and later Overview For most File Activities, you need to define a connection to an external storage system. Depending on the activity, you will save a file, retrieve a file, dele...
  3. Cora Orchestration 10.4 Release Notes

    Cora Orchestration 10.4 Release Notes
  4. Add Tabs to Form

    Describes how to add tabs to a form.
  5. Add Tabs to Form

    V10.4 Overview Displaying data in tabs in a form makes it easier for you to manage content for large implementations and display large content in an organized format. With all the view content displayed in tabs in a form, you can hav...
  6. Built-in Command Activity Overview

    Use the Built-in Command Activity to execute various actions in the workflow.
  7. Product Support Matrix

    Check which operating systems, web browsers, and other systems are supported in each Cora SeQuence version.
  8. Product Support Matrix

    This article briefs about the product supports matrix.
  9. Configure Archive

    This article describes how to configure the archive feature.
  10. PowerShell Function: Add-CoraOrchestrationSecretEnvironmentVariables

    PowerShell Function: Add-CoraOrchestrationSecretEnvironmentVariables