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Workflow Application Enrichment

This module is designed for users that completed the Workflows for Beginners module. In this module, we will add new functionality to the workflow we created in the previous module. We recommend that you complete the modules in order, as some topics require knowledge gained from previous modules. After you complete this module, you'll be able to answer these questions.

  • How do I add a business rule to redirect my workflow?
  • How do I debug a workflow?
  • How do I enable users to act on a task using One-Click Action?

Adding Functionality to Workflows

Course Title
If Else Activity Overview
Redirect a workflow based on one or more business rules.
Working with Process Lab
Analyze and view workflow activity behavior.
Handle Running Processes
Cora SeQuence enables you to define compensation to handle error scenarios.
Message Routing
Send a message to recipients according to queue type.
One-Click Action
Enable end user to complete a task by clicking a link in the task's notification email.