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Introduction to BPM and Cora SeQuence

This module is designed for newcomers to the world of business process management. We recommend that you complete the module in order, as some later topics require knowledge gained from previous topics. After you complete this module, you'll be able to answer these questions.

  • What is business process management?
  • What are iBPMSs?
  • What is Cora SeQuence?
  • What features and components does Cora SeQuence deliver?

Curriculum: BPM and Cora SeQuence 101

Course Title
What is Business Process Management (BPM)?
Overview of BPM as a discipline, how and why organizations use BPM, and best practices for BPM implementation.
What is Cora SeQuence? 
Overview of Cora SeQuence and iBPMSs in general.
What is Dynamic Workflow?
Overview of dynamic workflow.
HotChange Technology
The foundational architecture on which Cora SeQuence is built, and which enables rapid change to business processes in a controlled environment.
App Studio and Dual View
App Studio is the environment where business users and technologists collaborate to design workflows, using a single canvas.
UX Studio
UX Studio is the environment where developers define and design Cora SeQuence forms.
Cora SeQuence Forms
Forms are the backbone of dynamic workflows.
Rich Messaging
Many workflow activities include the option to send messages to end users: message, task, and listener. The message module includes rich-text options. You can attach documents and images to the message.
Flow Activities
Cora SeQuence provides flexible flow execution with And, IfElse, Split, and Switch activities.
Workflow Variables
Cora SeQuence exposes workflow variables and data, and use these variables to sort process data in the Flowtime.
Developers can create and reuse sub-workflows, promoting a modular development approach, while saving time and effort.
The analytics feature provides developers and administrators visual insight into the solutions they build: solution optimization, ROI, KPI.
Process Lab (Debug)
Developers can experiment with and analyze process changes.
Flowtime is the environment where end users operate, manage, and monitor their business processes. End users can kick off processes, managers can monitor and assign tasks, delegate processes and monitor over-all process performance with rich visual dashboards.
Hot OperationsHotOperations is a case management and work optimization product available as an add-on to Cora SeQuence. HotOperations enables you to intelligently manage load balancing on organizational, divisional, and employee level.