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Working with Process Lab


You use the process lab to analyze and debug processes. There are several key features.

Advanced Debugger

Enables process developers to run through processes step by step, discover and eliminate errors. Developers can analyze the status (data, metadata and output) of the process at every stage, add breakpoints and preview and test specific activities. Administrators can troubleshoot processes in production.

There are several options for each step of the workflow. Right-click the workflow step to access the options.

  • Retry: retries integration activities that failed to execute. Retry is enabled if the activity is still open, meaning that no compensation or follow-up activity was created. 
  • Rollback: returns to the previous activity in the workflow.
  • Rollback Branch: returns to the previous branch.

Quick Watch

Enables users to zoom in and analyze process metadata, data, and expressions. This lets users troubleshoot and monitor the process, answering questions like “Why did the process take a specific path?” “Why did we get this answer from an integration activity?”

Event Viewer

Displays all process events and error messages. A type of running log which aids in discovering problematic issues.




Additional Resources

Process Lab Guide.pdf